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  PROGRAM Of the All-Ukrainian Party of Spirituality and Patriotism (APSP)    RUS  UKR   


Of the All-Ukrainian Party of Spirituality and Patriotism (APSP)

Man does not live on bread alone...
( Math. 4:4)


It is with full consciousness of our responsibility before the Lord and people that the All-Ukrainian Party of Spirituality and Patriotism representing the people of Ukraine has adopted this program.

Care for the destiny of Ukraine, anxiety about the crisis through which the Ukrainian society has been living for many years, seeking to contribute actively and constructively to the efforts of the Presidents of Ukraine, Supreme Rada and the government to direct the country to the way of stable economic growth, political and spiritual development and also the consciousness that the conceptual approaches and political salvation proposed by the existing political parties and social organizations are not sufficient and inadequate to the social tasks existing in the reality, have caused representatives of the scientific and creative intelligentsia and business circles to create the All-Ukrainian Party of Spirituality and Patriotism on the eve of the 2000-th anniversary of Birth of Christ.

Part I.

The principle ideas of the activity
of the All-Ukrainian Party of Spirituality and Patriotism

The root of the difference between the principal ideas of the activity of the APSP and those of other parties and organizations, which in their majority seek to perform social and economic reforms by any means, forgetting about their possible negative social, spiritual and cultural consequences for the present and the future of Ukraine, is that the APSP strives to put the spiritual, moral and patriotic factors in the center of the reforms and to consider them constantly. The Party takes these factors as the principal potential and the main moving force of the social progress.

The experience of the whole world, achievements of the advanced developed countries have always been founded on high spiritual and moral principles of the society, on developed traditions of patriotism, on confirmation of such high moral imperatives which do not allow any member of the society to act against the interest of the national interests. In the opinion of the APSP this is the main course of economic achievements and social prosperity, well-being and dignity, cultural flourishing of the civilized peoples.

Basing on the experience of the world the APSP considers that economic prosperity itself doesn't lead automatically to solving all the pressing problems of modern Ukraine but may lead to the contrary results. Only unity and concentration on the unshakable spiritual, moral and patriotic values, civil solidarity are able to form a principally new social atmosphere which is very necessary for successful realization of the social, economic, political and cultural reforms in Ukraine and also to direct these reforms to the good of the whole nation but not separate limited social groups.

The APSP considers the spiritual and the patriotic education to be of the highest priority which is grounded by its care for the future of Ukraine. The APSP is of the opinion that successful development of Ukraine in the XXI century on the condition of its entering the European and the world community, intensification of the processes of globalization, creating of information community are possible not due to unexpressive unification and adaptation of our society to the international standards of mass culture (neither of the civilized nations which doesn't want to be on the sideway of the world progress, takes this wrong way). It is possible only on the basis of uniting the achievements of modern scientific and technical revolution with restoration and keeping the best mental features of our people, their traditions and customs, their national peculiarities, the heritage of the culture, education and science and passing them to the future generations. It is possible on the basis of their modernization and bringing them up to the level of the highest achievements of the modern civilization.

A special, even the central place among the achievements of Ukraine made for thousands of years, belong, according to the APSP, to the Christian values, on the basis of which the Ukrainian nation has been formed. These values make the most important foundations of the Ukrainian society at present, which make the principal foundation of the national culture and the social life, spiritual experience of other peoples and ethnic groups(minorities) of the population of Ukraine.

The APSP calls the compatriots to be worthy followers of the traditions of Ukraine, to make all the efforts for development of the present and the future of Ukraine with the Lord in heart, divine inspiration and blessing.

Part II

The All-Ukrainian Party of Spirituality and Patriotism is a party of wide sections of the population.

The All-Ukrainian Party of Spirituality and Patriotism is a party of wide sections of the population. Unlike other numerous political parties which have been created first of all with the purpose of representing certain economic and political interests of limited social groups in the higher bodies of state power, the APSP, according to the ideological requirements which have been declared, regards itself a mass democratic political organizations of patriots of Ukraine called to express and to protect interests of the wide sections of the population; workers and peasants, farmers and small and middle entrepreneurs, employees, scientists, educational and creative intelligentsia.

The APSP considers that the humanist principles of spirituality and patriotism, son's obligations before the Motherland make the foundation for unification on the principles of good will, mutual understanding and respect to all the citizens of Ukraine irrespective their nationalities, age, profession, degree of education, ranks and positions, languages and cultural orientations, religious confessions.

The APSP is open to all the patriots of Ukraine who want their Motherland to flourish and their compatriots to be prosperous, to have the worthy life and social protection on the basis of free realization of their abilities, support of their initiatives in work, economics and creation by the society and the state.

Part III

Goal and main tasks of the party.

The main goal of the APSP is contributing to the comprehensive development and improvement of our Motherland by the way of consolidating all the democratic forces in the name of confirmation of spirituality and patriotism as the founding principles of the mere existence of the Ukrainian nation, functioning of the institutions of the civil society and state, bringing up the growing generation. The APS thinks that every step directed to strengthening of the spiritual and patriotic foundations of the social life is significantly important for overcoming of the crisis inherited by Ukraine from the past, the transition state of our society and state after the period of communism: to improvement of the social environmant in the country, growth of mutual understanding, reduction of political opposition; achievement of clearness and responsibility in the activity of the bodies of state power and government; to encouraging people to work and consequently to discovering of the economic and social potentials of the reforms; to raising the level of education, science and culture of the country, creation of natural conditions to extend the sphere of functioning of the Ukrainian language and receiving intellectual independence by Ukraine; to confirmation of the positive image of our state in the world; to raise its prestige among the international community, strengthening of cooperation with other countries.

To achieve all the goals the APSP it taking upon itself the commitment to act purposefully and to make all the efforts for solving of the pressing social problems and fulfillment of social tasks.

1.Awakening and strengthening of spirituality of the people. Education of patriotism.

Taking into account all the profoundness and length of the moral crisis which the Ukrainian people is now having, the APSP considers awakening and strengthening of spirituality of the people and education of patriotism to be the most burning issue of its activity.

The APSP calls to come back to the original understanding of spirituality as inspiration coming from God, as a category which defines closeness of man to God. It calls to come back to the achievements of religious and spiritual experience of the society which have been created by centuries and are difficult to be overestimated. These are the achievements which are connected with the fundamentals of the human values to which we will have to return. It is due to spirituality that the atmosphere of harmonic consciousness of man as a part of the Creation is formed, which awakens his conscience and morality. A truly spiritual person is always highly moral, he is always a patriot, he makes efforts to multiply the richness of the Motherland .At the same time the attempt to make the XX-th century as an erzats of spirituality outside of the religious experience of the humanity has brought to formation of insufficient, ambivalent morals, spreading of which undermines the mere foundations and wholeness of a society. One of the main factors which are on the way of social and economic reformation of the society is that the Ukrainians sometimes do not trust each other and the people of Ukraine do not trust the state, the state does not trust the citizens.

Regeneration of the spiritual experience of the Ukrainian people, education of the new generation does not contradict achievements of modern civilization, but vice versa, is caused by them. The world culture has rejected artificial opposition between scientific and religious viewpoints long ago. In fact they complete each other. The world culture has come to the principal conclusion that

Science without God is not sufficient.

Faith in God without science is vulnerable.

This conclusion calls upon all the people, believers and nonbelievers, those who in their lives back only on science and their reason, to pass from confrontation to agreement and cooperation.

Solving of the tasks of spiritual and patriotic growth of the nation is possible only by the way of consolidating efforts of the state, political and social organizations, family, school, church, the Armed Forces, mass media, cultural institutions. For this we need personal examples of the state, political and social figures, ministers, employees, wide sections of intelligentsia, all the patriots. We also need purposeful activities directed to education of the younger generation.

The APSP supports the President of Ukraine and the Government in realization of the national program of patriotic education of the population, creation of healthy way of life, development of spirituality and strengthening of the moral foundations of the society. It also supports all the other state humanitarian programs of educational and patriotic direction and will make all the efforts to fill the programs with substantial content, organizations of the state and social initiatives directed to improvement of the levels of spirituality, morality and patriotism.

The APSP will insist upon active influence on the educational processes of the state, its institutions, first of all, by the way of improvement of the legislative basis in the sphere of protection of the rights of children, youth politics, science, culture, education, press and printing books, information, relations between the state and the church.

The APSP lays great hopes on development of educational potential of family, secondary school and the system of education as a whole and will do everithing so that receiving knowledge be along with mastering of spiritual values and the rules of morals. In this connection the principal requirements are as follows:

  • introducing history of religion into the curriculum of the secondary school beginning from the first stage but this should not be bound on pupils. This way it should favor formation of conscious and free personal spiritual choice made by the growing citizens;
  • wide range of training and retraining of qualified staff of teachers of the Religious Science in the state educational and research institutions;
  • state support of religious investigations and editing of scientific, popular scientific and methodic literature on the problems of religion;

The APSP approves the constructive efforts made by the church and religious organizations of all the confessions directed to spiritual improvement of personality, development of different forms of out of school education and spiritual tutoring ( preaching, Saturday and Sunday schools, societies, using mass media, editing literature, charitable activities). With the purpose of contributing to what was said above the APSP demands the state to precipitate the process of returning religious communities and organizations all the worshiping buildings and structures in spite of those the ancient nature of which explains the necessity of keeping them in the regime of museum.

The APSP respecting freedom of mass media confirmed by the Constitution, which is a great democratic achievement of the Ukrainian people, appeals to the bodies of mass media, to all the magazines and journals with a call to keep in mind the responsibility for credibility of information before the society, the responsibility for their influence on the way of thinking and on hearts of the citizens of Ukraine especially the younger generation, the responsibility to multiply humanist and patriotic traditions of the home journalism, to contribute to confirmation in the Ukrainian society ideas of kindness and justice, high spirituality and morality, mutual understanding, respect and trust, loyalty to the motherland.

The party decisively opposes the cases of humiliation of the national dignity, traditions, the language and the culture of the Ukrainian people as well as other nations and ethnic groups ( national minorities) in mass media. The party decisively opposes any manifestation of xenophobia. The party considers inadmissible spreading in Ukraine low-level cinema-, TV- and printed production directed to the propaganda of violence, cruelty, selfishness and holding aloof from the society, destruction of the spiritual, psychical and physical health of the citizens of Ukraine.

The APSP approves the creative search of the intelligentsia, the activities of institutions of culture and social educational organizations directed to revealing and developing the humanistic and patriotic traditions of the Ukrainian culture which makes up an integral part of the Slavonic, European and world's spiritual heritage and which meet the requirements of the spiritual demands of our contemporaries.

The party will decisively support the efforts of all the industrial and social organizations of Ukraine aimed at:

  • regeneration of the historic, patriotic, economic and cultural traditions of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian Cossaks;
  • cooperation with the state bodies in the cause of education of the younger generation, organization of sports activities and cultural work;
  • protection, saving and restoration of the monuments of the country's history and culture, development of the scientific research and regional ethnography work, protecting the environment;
  • according to the acting Law of Ukraine creation of Cossaks enterprises, agricultural ( farmers') enterprises, producers' cooperative societies, crafts, especially in special educational institutions with patriotic orientation.
  • The APSP considers that regeneration of spirituality and patriotism of our people, strengthening its patriotic unity is the most important pledge of conscious and active participation of the citizens in the development of the new Ukraine, it is a guarantee of confirmation of its democratic choice.

2. Formation of a civilian society and a rule-of-law state

Spiritual and patriotic upsurge of the people, activation of their creative forces must precipitate the process of formation of a developed civil society in Ukraine, which will be able to resist any efforts of regeneration of totalitarian regime and the threat of appearing obstacles on the way to reformation, the threat of pushing our country our from the way of the world development. Establishing a developed civil society is the principal guarantee of formation of a social rule-of-law state, and vice versa purposeful support of the social institutions by the state is the pledge of successful establishment of a civil society as a structuralized into certain organizational forms unity of conscious and active citizens ( political parties and movements, social organizations and business corporations of different levels and of various profiles, labor unions, independent mass media and research institutions, creative and cultural organizations). This process is developing in Ukraine slowly and with substantial deformation. Till the present moment its participants are narrow groups of professional politicians, business circles, intelligentsia, while broad sectors of the population keep away from political and social life, the indifference which prevails among the majority of the population can be explained by the fact that this majority does not understand its own social and political interests and is prone to quick and poorly motivated fluctuation from "the right' to "the left'. The APSP considers the main reason of the mentioned above to be the transitive state of the society after socialism. It can be also explained by the fact that the prevailing part of the working population is deprived of ownership; there is also an unprecedented in its scope social stratification of the population and as a result - absence of the numerous middle class in Ukraine, the class which has its own social interests and which is the stronghold of all the democratic institutions of the society.

In the first place, not denying the leading role of the national elite in development of the new Ukraine, the APSP considers it necessary to carry out extension of the social basis of democratic development and sees its task concerning formation of a civil society, first of all, in promotion of economic growth and sociopolitical consolidation of the middle class which consists of qualified workers and employees, farmers, minor and middle entrepreneurs, engineers, technicians, scientific and creative intelligentsia, workers in the sphere of education and culture, administration.

In the second place: the party strives to attract the widest layers of the Ukrainian society to active participation in the social and political life of the society.

In the third place: The APSP will decisively stand for mutual balancing of the processes of development of the state and a civil society; the priority in this processes will be given to the humanitarian values (meeting interests, satisfaction of needs and providing liberties of man) . In all the civilized world this priority is higher today than own interests of institutions and the state.

The APSP is convinced in the necessity of creative use and propaganda of the richest historic experience of self-organization in the creation of the state of the Ukrainian nation which has been embodied at different times into the forms of the Cossak veche, rural and urban communities, Cossaks brotherhood, people's councils, societies of mutual help and credit societies, Ukrainian cooperative societies, women, youth, students and military patriotic movements, literature, creative and scientific societies, "prosvit', social democratic nonparty unions, labor movement and political parties. The main lesson of the activity of all these organizations for the modern society is that they show the necessity to attract broad sections of population to the conscious and active social work, to unite the struggle for achievement social, national interests with pursuit of every separate personality, the necessity of building all the work on the principles of high spirituality, morality and patriotism, trust and mutual understanding, respect and responsibility, equality of obligations and recognition of reputation of the authorities.

The APSP will decisively stand for: confirmation of high moral principles in Ukraine, confirmation of patriotic principles in the social, political and state activities, honesty, righteousness and openness, respectful attitude towards political rivals and opponents; consistent fulfillment of the laws, rules and democratic procedures, which have been confirmed by the Constitution of Ukraine and by the acting decrees; to consider as impermissible irresponsible and selfish manipulation of the social opinion, aggravation of political opposition in the country.

Part IV

The principal tasks of the APSP in development of modern and future Ukraine

The APSP regards the spiritual and patriotic upsurge which results into development of the social and state life to be the most important premise of directing Ukraine to the way of stable development, effective salvation of complicated and connected with each other tasks which the country faces in the political, socio- economic and cultural spheres.

The APSP takes it as its own duty to support decisively the policy of the President of Ukraine, the constructive majority of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine, directed to acceleration of the socio-economic reforms. The APS will use all the acceptable , according to the Constitution of Ukraine and the current legislation, parliamentary and out-of-parliament forms and methods of work.

With the purpose of development of Ukraine the APSP puts forward the following program requirements and tasks and pledges to realize them into life using constructive measures, participation of its members and supporters in electorate campaigns and activities of the higher bodies of state power, in the political life and inter-party communication, in the work of social and political, scientific and cultural organizations, business and financial institutions.

1. In the sphere of policy

The APSP strives to comprehensive realization of the ideas of the Ukrainian democratic structure of the state as a stronghold of the Ukrainian nation, its spirituality and patriotism as a guarantee of free and harmonic development of the society. To reach this goal the party will do everything to improve the political atmosphere in the country, to increase political opposition, to achieve the all-nation agreement and on this basis - formation of a stable majority of the political forces which is able to unite around the President of Ukraine and take upon itself the responsibility for a decisive and consistent course.

For the sake of realization of this high goal the APSP will organize a broad propaganda campaign to support the constructive political forces and will form a strong personnel reserve which will take part in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, local administrative organs and in the competitions announced for vacancies.

2. In the spheres of building a state the legislative activity

the APSP calls all the conscious citizens, social and political organizations to contribute to precipitation of the process of overcoming of the transaction period of the post-communism condition of modern Ukrainian state administration and irresponsibility of the state power structures which have been inherited from the past. It is necessary to work for a valid entrance of Ukraine to the European community with its high demands to the priority of right of men, equal cooperation and civil society which provide an ultimate control of the activity of the state mechanism by the society, openness and transparency of this mechanism.

With this purpose the APSP demands, in particular, the following:

  • to precipitate the performance of the constitutional reform, to achieve an actual division between the functions of different branches of the state power, creation of a democratic system of their mutual balancing, common responsibility;
  • to develop a clear mechanism of depriving the higher state bodies and officials occupying higher posts of the state power as a guarantee of inadmissibility of violation of the order stated by the constitution;
  • to precipitate substantially the process of formation of the modern legislative basis of the socio-economic reforms, to carry out the codification of the legislation providing this way stability of the legal bodies and inadmissibility of arbitrary interpretation of the law by adopting by-law acts and administrative decisions which do not correspond the legislation. To set an order, according to which all the draft laws should be submitted for consideration in the Verkhovna Rada together with projects of the changes and amendments of the current legislation which result from their adoption. To develop and realize effective mechanisms of implementation of the norms of the international law in Ukraine;
  • to introduce an acting system of socio-economic and political examination of projects of legislative and normative acts, important managerial decisions, keeping in mind improvement of their quality and preventing possible negative social and economic consequences, hasty and thoughtless decisions. In this term the APSP it taking a commitment upon itself to promote realization of an independent scientific examination first of all for those legislative acts and managerial decisions, adoption of which will have a great significance for the humanitarian sphere, especially taking into consideration their correspondence with the national interests, peculiarities and traditions of the Ukrainian society, European standards and requirements of human rights.
  • to carry out a radical administrative reform directed to substantial increase of effectiveness and coordination of the activity of ministries and departments and other bodies of the state executive power, the reforms, directed to meeting of not only corporative interests of limited social groups of the population but to satisfy economic, social and cultural needs of the population. To reach a functional reconstruction of state mechanisms on the principles of regulation of socio-economic development not in the administrative way but by methods of economic stimulation. To complete the formation of a harmonious administrative verticality in Ukraine;
  • to precipitate realization of the judicial reform directed to confirmation of the supervision of the law, civilized regulation of economic and social relationship, safe protection of human rights.

3. In the sphere of home policy and protection of human rights,

The APSP is very anxious about widening of the social gap between the structures of power and the people which manifests itself, on one part, in linking of the interests of the bureaucracy and those of the oligarchy and the criminals, on the other part, in growth of legal nihilism and an increase of lawless activity of the population who justify themselves by the ideas of self- defense against tyranny of the powers. The party considers that these tendencies, connected with a deep moral crisis which has involved the society as a whole, on all its levels, is most destructive for the cause of democracy, extremely dangerous for the future of our society and for mere existence of Ukraine as a European state.

With the purpose of overcoming this crisis the APSP demands, in particular, the following:

  • decisive measures to bring all the organs of state power, executive power and force structures into full conformity with the Constitution of Ukraine, the current acting legislation, international legal acts and the commitments of Ukraine in the sphere of protecting human rights;
  • implementing effective mechanisms of the social control to observe the measures;
  • elimination of every manifestation of superiority of the power and considering it to be an immoral heritage of the past, inadmissible in a civilized democratic society;
  • eradication of unjustified socially and economically artificial limits of system of allowance concerning development of entrepreneurship and social initiatives of the population;
  • to cancel ungrounded extortion of the citizens in the form of so called " paid services" on the part of the state administrative organs and private and half private bodies, created around them. The executive state bodies are sponsored by the means of the citizens who pay taxes;
  • achievement of full transparency of the financial and economic activity of the administrative structures, availability of constant social control of lawful and rational use of the budget and out-of-budget means by the administrative structures;
  • implementation of strict responsibility of official personalities of all the ranks for misuse of their official position and for the harm inflicted by their unlawful actions for citizens, enterprises and organizations;
  • providing conditions for effective social control of observing the human rights, in particular, in cases of their apprehension, arrest or imprisonment, in accordance with the acting legislation of Ukraine and international legal acts;

4. In the sphere of economy

The APSP considers the present state of economy in Ukraine, which is only beginning to get out of a deep crisis, is conditioned not only by objective period of transition from the planning econimy to the market economy, but also by disregarding the real national economic interests, economic security of the state, and the main thing- by social requirements and expectations of the majority of the working people of Ukraine. The party considers that it may be possible to enter the space of stable economic development only on condition of developing such a model of economic development which could be up to the requirements of not only general world regulations but specific peculiarities of Ukraine, way of thinking of the Ukrainian nation .It should be based on the optimal combination of free economic initiative and a state regulation with the help of a soft economic stimulation, support of the native manufacturer and salvation of social problems, disregarding of which may result in a failure of any attempt to reorganize economy.

The APSP associates the future economic growth of Ukraine not as much with quantity economic growth as with qualitative growth on the basis of its intensive involvement into the sphere of modern technical and scientific revolution, development of modern products on the basis of the newest scientific technologies. Insisting on special responsibility of the state for choice of priorities of economic development, for determining prospective programs of economic growth of the country as a whole and its separate regions, the APSP, at the same time, stands against the unchanged obsolete concepts of direct administrative regulation of the processes of economic development and scientific and technical progress and innovations in the economic and social spheres by the state.

The party considers that economic growth, in particular, on the basis of development and inculcation of progressive home technologies, must be carried out, at the expense of mobilization of activities and economic interests and social factors of growth. In the party's opinion, it is due to using the above mentioned levels but not repressive sanctions, it will be possible to achieve gradua "deternation" of economy which attracts interests of not only 'mafia' and criminal groups but of broad sections of the working population. The party also advocates bringing back the capital to Ukraine from abroad.

The APSP will do everything possible to promote development of small and middle family business which is traditional for Ukraine and is connected with the mere way of thinking of our people.

The party will help as much as possible to reveal completely the great economic and social potentials of the agrarian reforms initiated by the President of Ukraine. The party regards them to be founded on returning to the Cossaks' social ideals, the main principles of the Ukrainian national individual and co-operative economy, on revival of age-long traditions of private working peasant's ownership.

The APSP will support all the efforts of the state, social organizations and business circles oriented at formation of effective regional policy directed at mobilization of the inner potential of the regions and also at organizational, scientific and technical and personnel provision growth of the home management.

Finally, the party will come out for pursuing an effective social policy by the state which should be aimed rapid growth of well-being of the people, wide sections of the population, because it is only on this basis that it will be possible to form a domestic consumer market of high capacity. The absence of this market up to the present time is the principal obstacle on the way of positive economic changes.

5. In the sphere of social policy and health service.

The APSP thinks that the necessity of carrying out active social policy is conditioned, first of all, by the transitive statye of the Ukrainian society, that the overwhelming majority of the population of the country at present does not possess the necessary skills for successful adaptation to the market environment. This policy should not come down, according to the APSP, no to a wide-range of redistribution of the national products by the state, because this is what undermines the incentives of effective labor and entrepreneurship, but to actual protection of the labor rights and property interests of the citizens, economic stimulation of growth of employment of the population, its legalization; to active formation of the middle class of the society by the way of appointing high standards of payment for the work of qualified workers, employees, engineers, technical personnel, employees in the sphere of education and culture, scientists and the health service personnel, all the workers and employees of the budget sphere which is in all the civilized world is the most effective way of maintaining a high level of living standards of population as a whole because private capital in these countries is compelled to orient itself on this high level, which is established in the state sector of economy.

The APSP considers that at present the living standards of the absolute majority of the population of Ukraine is lower that the economy can permit. That is why the party regards overcoming the great difference in the property status of the population to be its first and utmost task. This should be done not by the way of limiting the real income but by raising the unreasonably understated level of salaries of a part of the population as compared to their investment into the national gross product, by raising salaries of the majority of the working people up to the level of their ability to provide for all the basis necessities in the sphere of their social and cultural needs. Solving of this problem, according to the APSP, will permit to stimulate economic growth by the way of extension of the domestic consumer market.

The APSP advocates precipitation of the pensions reform on the principles of eliminating the principle of leveling with taking into consideration the real contribution of each particular person into the socially useful labor which indirectly will promote getting the domestic economy out from the "shade".

The APSP supports all the efforts of the President and the Government directed to solving of social problems of small and middle sized cities, the Ukrainian rural areas according to the objective requirements of modern urban society.

The party comes out in favor of pursuing actively the state youth policy directed to, first of all, reaching high levels in education, professional training and culture of the Ukrainian youth, its employment, active adaptation to the conditions of the market economy, requirements of the information society of the XXI century and also their opposition to negative tendencies of reduction of a part o the population of Ukraine capable to work.

The future of Ukraine belongs to its youth.

In the sphere of health service the party advocates fulfillment of wide scaled state programs concerning state hospitals, disease-preventive services and environmental programs directed to general reduction of rate of diseases in Ukraine, preservation and development of free medical service and medical supply for socially unprotected sections of the society with gradual transaction of the health service to security medicine. The Party will constantly pay attention to the necessary to take a special care of the rural net of health service institutions.

A special attention will be paid by the APSP to reinforcement of the social and state control of the quality of the medical aid, state of the domestic pharmacy market, social orientation of the domestic medical industry. The APSP will decisively advocate inadmissibility of any attempt to realize unlawful experiments which potentially may cause danger for physical and psychical health of the citizens.

6. In the sphere of fight against criminality.

"Sin begins when we neglect the spiritual"
(Saint Feofan the Hermit)

The APSP thinks that the interests of carrying out political, economic and social reforms require decisive fight with growing criminality in our society. To reach this purpose it is necessary to strengthen the legal provision, improvement of the work by the law enforcement bodies and at the same time to achieve a high level of transparency of the activity of all the state force structures, establishment of strict social control over them. In this term it is very important to provide actual freedom of press, to stop prosecuting the mass media, journalists etc.

To the point of view of the APSP, a great significance in the process of moral improvement of the society will belong to regeneration of the atmosphere of intolerance towards the criminal world in our society .The party realizes that only spirituality of a person can guarantee that he is unable to commit a crime. That result into the necessity to start, first of all, spiritual improvement of the society.

In the sphere of struggle against criminality the party calls, first of all, to its prevention. It is necessary to eliminate everything what may be a temptation to commit a crime: propaganda of violence and cruelty, unlimited individualism, "prison-camp" sub-culture of the criminal world with its pseudo-romantic easy and care free life without labor, ostentatious magnificence of the rich. Extremely important in this term is education of the youth in the spirit of respect to labor, to oppose primitive spiritual world of a person through advertisement by the mass media.

The APSP pays a significant attention to humanization of punishment and also to educational work among those who are in the places of imprisonment, specialized institutions for juvenile delinquency etc. The party will support the efforts of the church, religious and charitable organizations, the Ukrainian Cossaks directed to spiritual awakening and improvement of people who are having their punishment for the crimes committed by them.

7. Protection of environment

The APSP considers environmental protection to be care for the future of Ukraine. This involves fight for protection of the natural resources as the foundation of healthy life of the people and aspiration for preservation of the spiritual connection of the Ukrainian nation with the nature because the nature is one of the most important foundations of the national consciousness, the source of inspiration and patriotism.

The party will support all the efforts of the government and all the social organizations directed to protection of the environment, improvement of the policy concerning the nature, making the requirements for the national standards of environment up to the world's level.

The party will support development of the ecologically safe kinds of production, use of the ecologically safe types of energy,

The greatest concern, to the party's view point, is caused by safe functioning of the atomic energy industry and of other dangerous harmful kind of production. The party is also concerned about the problem of storage and processing of nuclear waste materials. It is inadmissible to import into Ukraine ecologically dangerous and harmful waste materials.

The party will make the utmost efforts directed to reduction of sordid production, gradual forcing out of this production by ecologically safe and progressive technologies.

The APSP will demand elaboration and pursuing of the effective land-resource policy, taking the measures by the state directed to fight against soil erosion more effective, using rational methods in forestry and water industry, increasing the area for forest plantation.

The party considers elaboration of scientifically grounded policy of restoration of the resources of the Black Sea and the Azov Sea , inland water reserves, big, middle sized and small reserves to be the task of the greatest importance , the realization of which is beyond the frameworks of the home problems of Ukraine.

8. In the area of education, science, culture and information.

The APSP thinks that development and improvement of the home system of education, science and information sphere should be outstripped and should be a key part of the process of development of power and prosperity of Ukraine in the XXI century. Preservation and multiplying the potential of the nation, effectiveness of its use, improvement of the educational and cultural level and professional training of the population is the principal basis of including Ukraine into the international division of labor, international scientific and technical cooperation as an equal partner, introduction of modern foreign technologies in Ukraine and export of the progressive Ukrainian technologies. The party supports the efforts of the state directed to carrying out the reforms on the sphere of education on the basis of its innovation and humanization, overcoming dogmatism inherited from the past, lagging behind the world standards of education. In this term the most important requirements in the sphere of secondary, specialized and higher education are as follows:

  • Wide scaled introduction of studying of the disciplines of the spiritual, sphere, areas of morals and ethics, extension of all the humanitarian cycle, improvement of the level of esthetic education, teaching healthy way of life which forms the general tendency of the European system of education and teaching, in which the priority is given to studying foreign languages, foundations of informatics, economics and law disciplines at school;
  • to provide integration of the efforts of the home fundamentals of sciences and school, quick introduction of achievements of research institutions into the teaching and pedagogical practice.

The APSP takes as the task of the prior importance to support the home fundamental, first of all, academic science as one of the most significant material and moral investments of capital into the future of Ukraine. The Party stands against spreading of the opinion of "redundancy" of the available in Ukraine in the XXI century scientific and technical potential considering this opinion to be mistakable and extremely harmful for economic and social development of the country. The party advocates preservation of this potential and its flexible transformation into the most perspective, from the point of view of the interests of Ukraine, tendency of providing state guarantees of providing dynamic growth of the fundamental and applied research, improvement of the social prestige of the scientific work

Special requirements in the sphere of development of the scientific potential are as follow:

  • increase of the part of the state budget which is allocated for financing of the science not less than 2% of the gross national product;
  • establishing of the privileges and the minimum taxes for institutions and organizations of the sphere of science and research;
  • to improve the effectiveness of using the budget allocations for science;
  • creation and introducing modern effective means of state economic support and implementing achievements of the domestic science in production.

The APSP shares the opinion that the foundation of our life, the shell inside of which it exists, is development of national culture. The decadence of the national culture, lost of its peculiarities would mean the spiritual collapse of the nation.

The APSP supports the efforts of the state, social and political organizations, the Ukrainian intelligentsia directed to regeneration of the Ukrainian culture, its preservation and passing it to the coming generations.

At the same time, the party does not take the culture of Ukraine as once and forever formed and set, so to say, museum treasure. The party opposes any attempt to limit modern progress of the Ukrainian culture by an artificial way of pushing its conservative traditions, to substitute modern national culture by the ethnic heritage. The APS stand out for renovation of our culture, for creative innovation of our youth, for including Ukraine into the sphere of modern world cultural development, for development of the Ukrainian culture on the principles of cooperation and competition with cultures of other nations, for a dialogue between cultures of different nations.

The APSP is in favor of state support of the economic incentives for Ukrainian book publishing, edition of text books for schools and universities, of fiction and cultural literature in the languages of all the native peoples and also the ethnic minorities living in Ukraine. The party insists upon the necessity to promote a free access of Ukraine to foreign published production of science and technique, policy and social life, to the literature of humanitarian orientation. The party favors economic stimulus of edition in Ukraine of translated literature. At present the party speaks in favor of limiting the spread of literature of low quality which has nothing to do with the present achievements of modern national culture in Ukraine.

The party considers the task of preservation and restoration of monuments of history and culture which are characteristic to the Ukrainian nation, re-examined from the point of view of modern time, the peculiarities of the Ukrainian historic and cultural environment, reconstruction of the museum business, investigation and popularization of our national heritage, creation of monuments of socio-political and cultural thought to be the task of the prior importance.

The APSP stands out in favor of further development of the cultural exchange with the Ukrainian diaspora, to satisfy the needs the Ukrainians living in all the countries in the sphere of education, culture and information.

An important condition of precipitation of scientific, technical and humanitarian progress of Ukraine is to make up a substantial deficiency in the sphere of modern information technologies, development of international information links, filling in a big vacuum in the area of information in which wide sections of population, especially intelligentsia of Ukraine, have found itself.. This concerns most of all the area of international relations and the humanitarian area.

The APSP will support the efforts of the President of Ukraine, the government and all the progressive forces of the society, directed to development of modern information technologies and mass media oriented at creation of Internet, filling it with the national information resources, wide introduction of information technologies into the process of teaching of educational establishments and in institutions of culture.

9. Freedom of conscience and relations between the state and religion.

The APSP considers the spiritual and patriotic activities of churches, religious organizations to be one of the most important conditions of the national regeneration of the new Ukraine, an important pledge for humanization of life of the Ukrainian society, creation of the civil society. At the same time the party can not keep away from negative phenomena in the religious life and relations between the state and the church. Admitting the right of every citizen which is guaranteed by the constitution of Ukraine, to freedom of conscience, freedom of choice and belonging to different confessions, The APSP will decisively support the right of the society and the state not to accept registration and functioning of such religious organizations and sects in Ukraine which damage the traditional and national spirituality of the country, moral and physical health of the people, social unity of the Ukrainians, integrity of our state.

The party supports the progressive clergy who strives for concord between churches and confessions and will actively promote legal settlement of conflicts and contradictions which may arise between them.

10. In the spheres of ethnic policy, culture and languages

The APSP thinks that a great achievement of the Ukrainian society and state are unity and reconciliation, peace, respect and understanding between representatives of different groups of poly-political and poly-cultural groups of population of Ukraine and will make every effort to preserve and strengthen these fundamental bases of the Ukrainian life. The party will advocate comprehensive development of the Ukrainian nation as the foundation of the Ukrainian ethnographic organism, the native people (the Tatars of the Crimea and other small ethnic groups which have no other motherland outside the borders of Ukraine), their becoming closer to each other and concord between them on the terms of common economic interests, social and cultural interests and the state patriotism of the Ukrainian nation.

The party will decisively oppose any manifestation of regionalization of Ukraine and any attempt to kindle ethnic separatism.

At the same time the party calls everyone to respect the national feelings of the ethnic minorities of Ukraine, to treat their natural cultural inclinations to their national roots beyond the borders of Ukraine and to their languages and customs with understanding. The party calls to understand the ethnic and cultural situation which has been formed in Ukraine, to understand that it is impossible to consider the big ethnic group of the Russians and the Ukrainians speaking the Russian language to be foreigners. According to the APSP a wide spread of the Ukrainian-Russian bilingualism is a lasting tendency which has taken root historically, first of all in big cities of the South and East of Ukraine and the crimes. Proceeding from this reality of the Ukrainian life, stable tendencies of the ethnic development, the APSP insists on the constitutional state status of the Ukrainian language, the necessity of its wide application in the state and social life of the country. At the same time the party is against thoughtless and rashly attempts to change the language situation by administrative methods, to force out the Russian language, the Russian culture and literature from schools and the social life. This may bring to ethnic misunderstanding and dissensions,

Aggravation of tension in the society will at last inevitably bring to decadence of not only the Russian culture but to decadence of the Ukrainian language and culture, to lowering of the intellectual potential of our society.

The APSP considers that only a persistent work of the secondary school, scientific institutions, institutions of culture and social organizations, mass media, creative intelligentsia may solve constructively the problem of culture and languages. This work should be directed to improving the level of modern Ukrainian culture, widening the range of its influence, to its mastering the best achievements of modern European and world civilization so that the Ukrainian culture became more attractive for the young generation, that it could meet its growing spiritual and intellectual demands, so that it became a basis of intellectual and cultural independency of the Ukrainian political nation, was turned to the future.

The APSP calls the compatriots - the Ukrainians, the Ukrainian citizens of the Russian and other nationalities- to respect the national values of Ukraine, to study the language of Ukraine, its culture, literature, customs and traditions of the Ukrainian people, to treat them as the spiritual basis of the mere existence of the Ukrainian nations, which makes the majority of the people of Ukraine, as an integral part of the Slavic and the world's cultural heritage.

11. In the area of foreign policy, international economic relations and cultural cooperation

The APSP considers protecting the national interests of Ukraine in the international arena to be the task of the utmost significance of the state, social organizations and all the citizens-patriots. In its search for the orientation to the most effective and active foreign policy of Ukraine the party proceeds from the following; Ukraine is an integral part of Europe and that the main part of the structure of the system of European defense and cooperation should be a united European space, free from division lines and opposing blocks. It should be based on the principles of integral security, its universal character, close cooperation between the states and state institutions. Taking all the above mentioned into account the APSP views upon the foreign policy of Ukraine balanced and poly-vector. The party calls to prevent any attempt of "drawing' the map of Ukraine by foreign political forces.

The party will stand for full right and deep integration of Ukraine into modern European Commonwealth, for cooperation of Ukraine with the European countries in political, economic and cultural spheres, and also in the sphere of division of labor.

At the same time the APSP insists upon formation of new system of equal international relations and economic, political and cultural cooperation between Ukraine, Russia and other European communities which have acquired sovereignty after the decay of the USSR, on the basis of many-side and two-side agreements.

The APSP stands for Ukraine to join the world and European international trade, economic and financial institutions on the terms of a full and equal partner. The party speaks in favor of extension of the relations between Ukraine and its partners in the framework of the former Soviet Union Republics and bringing them up to the level of realization of many-side and two-side programs and projects, creating joint ventures.

One of the most important vectors of the international cooperation of Ukraine, according to the APSP, is development of mutually beneficial relations with the countries of Asia, the Moslem world in particular. The basic interests Ukraine has in these relations are both export of industrial products and development of cultural and religious relations between these countries and the Crimean Tatar population. The Ukrainian state can't be but interested in the proper representation of these people on the international arena.

In developing international cultural cooperation with other countries Ukraine, according to the APSP, should be interested and see that this cooperation be poly-verctor and many-level in its character. The country should introduce both the Ukrainian creative elite and wide sections of the populations to the treasure of the world and European culture, about its wide representation in the world of the Ukrainian culture as a "visit card" of our state. Another concern of the country should be development of the means of enlightening the events in mass media.

12. In the sphere of defense.

The APSP stands out for providing the national security by means of including Ukraine into the international system of collective security and cooperation and also by maintaining its own defense potential on the proper level.

The party supports the reforms taking place in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, creation of a compact professional army, provided with all the kinds of the most modern armament for national defense. High level of morale of the Armed Forces is a very significant factor of security of Ukraine. The party is ready to make all the effort to improve spirituality and state patriotism in education of the military servicemen of Ukraine using the example of the national history. The APSP will defend the idea of introduction of the institution of chapels belonging to different confessions into the Armed Forces which should be attributed to big military units.

* * *

The APSP announces its readiness for a constructive dialogue and cooperation with all the parties, social and political organizations and movements which are ready to struggle for the ideals of spirituality and high morality, honesty and devotion to the motherland, peace and agreement, patriotic solidarity of the citizens of Ukraine of all the nations and nationalities in the name of defending the national interests; with all those who do not want to come back to the totalitarian regime and defend the ideals of freedom and independence, development of an open society, a social rule-of-law democratic state. The party will cooperate with the forces ready to apply all the efforts to realize radical social and economic reforms in the name of dynamic development of the national economy on the principles of decisive protection of the economic interests of Ukraine, effective support of the national manufacturer, accelerated development of economic progress by the way of mobilization of the possibilities of all the forms of property, private, small and medium, in particular; introducing the latest achievements of modern science and technology, information society of the XXI century and on this basis to reach high social protection of workers, development of the European standards of prosperity of the nation, high level of its education and culture, introduction of Ukraine into the world community as a full and equal member.

The APSP calls everybody who is not indifferent to the present and future of Ukraine, who feels his responsibility before the passed away and the coming generations, who wants to see our country powerful and flourishing, to support our unity!

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