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25.02.10 Registered Cossacks have congratulated pupils of the Kharkov military lyceum
18.02.10 Kherson Cossacks gave a ritual saber to the Kherson Sea Nikolay Chudotvorets Cathedral
17.02.10 People join URC Cossacks
16.02.10 Let us show that we belong to the Cossack generation!
15.02.10 Monument to Sverdlov in Kharkov will be carried form one place to another
10.02.10 To hold heroes up as an example
09.02.10 Alexander Gorovykh is a holder of several URC orders
05.02.10 Cossack special mission in the Estonian City
03.02.10 The Cossack spirit will never go out
02.02.10 URC Cossack with a capital C

28.01.10 There was held the first festival "NU" in Tallinn
26.01.10 Heroic Cossacks epoch in legends and songs
25.01.10 Epiphany in Khersonshchina
21.01.10 Cossacks from Novaya Kakhovka patrol their city
20.01.10 Cossack Rada! New prospects and plans for the future!
19.01.10 URC Cossacks congratulate employees of the kindergarten "Berezka"
18.01.10 Foreman Council of the URC Crimean Organization
12.01.10 Cossack Entertainments or Samurais from Zaporozhie
11.01.10 Ataman of the URC Kherson Regional Organization is awarded with an order of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church
06.01.10 URC Marshal is awarded with an Order!
05.01.10 New Year and Christmas in Krivoi Rog
04.01.10 New Year tournament for the strongest
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